EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Major steps

Rail terminal and connection HSL

ACT was included in the Randstad Urgent Programme in 2008. In that same year, the central government reserved € 11 million from the Economic Structure Enhancing Fund (FES) for the Amsterdam CAREX project on the basis of a business case drawn up by the regional parties and a social cost-benefit analysis. Subsequently, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment commissioned Prorail to conduct a study of the connection of a rail terminal to the High-Speed Line South and the joint use of the HSL infrastructure.

As plans now stand, the first trains are expected to depart for various economic centres in 2015. A study is currently underway to determine where the starting location of the rail terminal is to be constructed. This starting location will comprise a single track for arrivals and departures. If growth is expected in 2010 owing to the expansion of the network to Italy and Spain, the rail terminal can be expanded with an additional switch to connect to the high-speed line, a platform building and the renovation of the interior of the terminal.

Events in chronological order:

  • 2007: establishment of the HST Cargo initiative group
  • 2008: position of the rail terminal included in the ACT Master Plan
  • 2008: central government reserves € 11 million for the development of the rail terminal
  • 2008: central government commissioned Prorail to conduct a study into connecting the rail terminal to HSL and using the HSL infrastructure
  • 2009: results of the Prorail study announced
  • 2010: plan of approach drawn up with follow-up steps based on the Prorail study
  • 2010-12: EU feasibility study to be carried out.