EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Major steps

Establishing an European network

There is European-level cooperation with initiatives in France (Paris, Lyon), Belgium (Liège) and Great Britain (Eurotunnel, London) under the umbrella Euro CAREX (Cargo Rail Express). In due course, rail terminals will be established in, among other places, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, Milan, Barcelona and Madrid. Euro CAREX serves as a platform for consultations with governments and rail operators.

The various CAREX parties and large private parties such as FEDEX, TNT, AF-KLM and UPS have begun formulating a business case on a European scale and wish to reach agreements on the development of HST Cargo terminals in the short term. An initial request for a design of the trains has also been submitted. Parties are aiming to launch freight transport on the HSL network by 2015, with further expansion toward 2020.

Events in chronological order:

  • 2005: establishment of CAREX and project initiatives in France (Paris/Roissy, Lyon), Belgium (Liège) and Great Britain (London)
  • 2007: first exploratory contacts between HST Cargo initiative group and CAREX
  • 2008: cooperative agreement between HST Cargo and CAREX parties
  • 2009: CAREX parties establish Euro CAREX (AISBL).
  • 2010: HST Cargo becomes a member of Euro CAREX
  • 2010: Euro CAREX works on a European business case, in which agreements are made for the continued development of the CAREX project.