EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

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Amsterdam Carex

Amsterdam CAREX will soon be making it possible: the freight transport of express goods, flowers and perishables via the high-speed railway link to economic centres and logistics hubs throughout Europe. This represents a more environmentally friendly alternative to freight transport by road or by air from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


Part of Amsterdam Connecting Trade

Amsterdam CAREX is part of the development Amsterdam Connecting Trade, or ACT. ACT is Europe's most innovative and sustainable logistics hub, located strategically at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and close to Amsterdam city centre. ACT stands for efficient freight transport by air, road, rail and water. Sustainable solutions are key to the design of new buildings and to the development of the ACT area as a whole. The area's various business parks can accommodate the full gamut of logistics and associated companies. ACT provides an arena in which logistics companies pursue shared interests, making it more than simply a business location, but a meeting place for people, goods and information.


Within ACT, public and privates parties are also working together to develop Amsterdam CAREX. These parties have joined forces in the initiative group HST-Cargo. The initiative group is formed by the Province of Noord-Holland, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, KLM Cargo, Air Cargo Netherlands, Jan de Rijk logistics, Menzies, AM, Schiphol Group, AMB Property Europe, Schiphol Express, Nederland Distributieland, VGB, the Chamber of Commerce, Flora Holland (Aalsmeer Flower Auction), Interport and Schiphol Area Development Company.


ACT is part of Randstad Urgent, a programme run by the central government. In October 2008, the central government reserved an amount of € 11 million for the development of a connection to the high-speed line and a railway terminal. The contract between Randstad Urgent and ACT was renewed in 2010.


A ‘cleaner' solution for freight transport

Amsterdam CAREX focuses on transporting high-value, time-critical goods by high-speed rail as an alternative for transport by air and road between Schiphol and various airports and economic centres in Europe. As such, the project is a response to the increasing restrictions to air and road transport and it complies with the policy of using ‘cleaner' forms of freight transport and the sustainable development of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which has the ambition to become the world's first climate-neutral airport. ACT and Amsterdam CAREX fit in with this ambition just perfectly.

Government earmarks 11 million for Railway Terminal

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The Cabinet has decided to make a financial contribution to the development of a Railway Terminal within ACT (near Hoofddorp) for the transport of express goods using the ... Read more